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The Car Dent Repair Method to Look Out For – Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Submitted by: Steven Magill

When we buy a new car, we are careful not to make damages to it. The usual damages can be found on the car door. These damages can be dents on the door due to accidents. Forces of nature such as hail can also cause dents on our vehicle roof. Therefore, traditional car dent repairs are done to fix these damages. This has been the common practice for the past years but now, we already have the paintless dent repairs (PDR). The PDR is cheaper than any other methods of car dent repair. It also does not damage the paint of the car so it is one good alternative to fix car dents.

The reason why the paintless dent repairs (PDR) is much cheaper because it doesn?t involve beating out the dents or removing the dented part to be replaced by a new one. A common car dent repair such as PDR will only cost a fraction of the traditional car dent repair. PDR needs a skilled, experienced and patient technician to do the repair procedure. It also needs the right tools for repairing the dent damage. The PDR is a fast job and is easily completed because there is no painting involved or replacing dented areas. It is commonly done as mobile business (professional technician comes to the customer for the repair) because it is an easy and quick job to complete.

The repair is done by repair technician. They just push the metal bask to its original position or shape. This is usually done section by section to ensure that there will be no flaws. The number of hours it will take for the repair is dependent on the size of the dent damage. The larger the dent, the more hours is spent on the repair. There are special tools that are used in the repair. The tools should be flat, long and rigid in order to prevent bending of the tool as pressure is applied. These tools are also slid into the gaps behind the panel and pressure is applied to move the metal. It is done slowly and carefully to restore the metal to its original shape. This will make the area look as if there has been no dent on it at all.

Car dent repair companies provide mobile services where the specialist comes to customers. Their secret for a great job repair is by having enough room to work so that they can concentrate on the repair.

We can now find many tools for paintless dent repair in the market but it is not advisable that we do it ourselves especially that we are untrained. We can only cause further problems like cracking the paint or damaging the metal further. This will then cause much more expenses and sometimes, the damage can no longer be repaired if it is too big and complex. It is therefore best to leave the job to the experts in car dent repair.

Paintless dent repair is the best method to choose in car dent repairs especially if it is only minor. Multiple dents are best repaired at one time to save money. Not all dents are repairable using the PDR because the degree of the damage is the determining factor for repair. We can contact a dent repair specialist to evaluate the damage in our car so that we will know which best method to use for the car dent repair.

About the Author: Let a mobile dent repair company fix your car dents! These repair specialists work wonders without the need for repaint, you can save dent repair costs without sacrificing quality output.


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