Paintless Dent Repair as a More Affordable Alternative to Dent Removal

Spotting a horrible dent on the car is stressful to any car owner and eliminating it is more stressful and expensive. Car paint is typically expensive and to most people, it is the only option that they know in car dent repair. That is only because they have never been introduced to paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair is an affordable solution to conventional dent repair, where you have to take the car to a shop. If you choose the latter, you may have to wait for several days for the car shop to repair the dent. Worse, you have to shell out a considerable amount of money for the repair of the body and the cost of the paint.

Paintless dent removal only takes a few hours of your time and it is drastically less expensive than having the dented area repainted. As for the result, it is just as flawless. Even at a close distance, the dent will not be visible anymore. Surprisingly, not a lot of customers know of this almost magical paintless dent repair system.

Informing the Public about the Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent repair is not a neophyte in the car repair industry. It has been around for a few years already. Auto industry experts (the ones that normally run or work in car rental firms and resellers) use this technique because it saves them a lot of money. Moreover, this dent repair service is fast. Not all customers have heard of this technique.

Paintless dent repair experts are starting to divulge more information about the technology, especially because majority of the consumers want learn about the advantages of paintless dent removal. This technology is slowly gaining popularity. There is a growing number of technicians that are obtaining training so that they can provide superior dent repair, especially since the need for paintless dent repair is steadily increasing.

You will notice that some standard auto shops are already including paintless dent removal in their list of services. They are already sending their technicians and employees for paintless dent repair training. The service is gaining popularity because customers need repair for small damages. All they have to do is find a qualified technician to perform paintless dent removal.

How Paintless Dent Repair is Performed

It’s not hard to understand the process of paintless dent removal (PDR). The first step of the process is evaluation. The qualified technician will evaluate the paint on the dent. Minor dents will qualify for PDR but chipped or cracked paint will have to undergo the conventional car dent repair.

Once the evaluation is done, the technician will look for spots where he or she can begin repairing the damage. There are several specialized tools that the technician can choose from. One of these tools includes the reflection board that works best in repairing flat dents. The reflection board will provide visual access to various angles. The technician will carefully push the metal to its proper form and position by applying the right amount of pressure on the board and the affected area. This process will not affect the paint on top of the dent.

Although the process is simple, paintless dent repair is not meant to be done at home. The process requires extreme accuracy that can only be exhibited by someone with polished skills and adequate training. Besides, paintless dent removal is not very costly. It is better to have it done by a professional than by your own unskilled hands. You might end up paying for more if you risk it.

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